Welcome to SensePost's Research Lab

SensePost Research focuses on tackling IT security challenges relating to vulnerability discovery and mitigation, IT Security threat analysis and defense. It aims to examine and solve the security issues inspired by the information technology industry. If your organization has a specific IT security problem, which cannot be addressed by off the shelf solutions or your organisation requires technical assistance to design a new IT security system, please feel free to contact us. We can arrange a meeting for an initial analysis of your needs and discuss the plan for further research and the development of a solution.


The SensePost Research team has diverse expertise of IT security-related issues, ranging from vulnerability research of embedded systems kernels, to malware analysis and the development of web security testing tools. Our focus is on three main topics, which are broken into smaller areas of research as outlined below:

Custom security research and development: Our applied research is carried out in collaboration with our customers to match their specific needs. Whether you are planning for a new project, investigating a security issue, or developing a custom security system, we have the key expertise to analyze the situation, translate your business needs to technical requirements, carry out research on your behalf and recommend a solution which combines the appropriate mix of expertise to address the problem.

Vulnerability research: Key members of the SensePost Research team have been involved in vulnerability discovery and exploitation of closed source software and code reverse engineering, since 2001. If you are a security vendor and wish to evaluate your product against real world hacker threats and attacks, or the critical systems of your organization are controlled, or processed, by software and devices for which you need high assurance, then we can perform vulnerability analysis of those systems while maintaining strict confidentiality and protecting your proprietary data. Our vulnerability research service covers the following domains:

IT threat and malware analysis: SensePost Research studies new attack trends and high profile security incidents to identify the intrusion techniques, tools and actors behind those attacks. We can provide detailed analysis of the exploit code or malware that was used to attack your organization and help you with investigating such incidents.